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Berkey Water filter systems are so advanced that they are classified as a purifier. The Berkey water filter is nothing like the standard water filters. The portable Berkey can even be used to filter non-potable or unhealthy water in emergency situations where electricity and water pressure are not available.

Whether it is normal tap water or water from challenging environments like wells, rivers and lakes, the Berkey handles them all with ease. It is is the most flexible and adaptable filtering system available. Berkey water costs less than 1 cent per litre. The Black Berkey replacement cartridge is cleanable and it provides an economical, reliable and powerful long term solution to poor water quality issues that is unrivalled.

The Big Berkey is the most popular model. It has a long standing reputation for quality and service. Berkey water filters are used throughout the world by numerous international relief organizations to provide clean emergency drinking water during times of crisis or natural disaster.

The Royal Berkey is the ideal choice for larger families, and for those who value having more water available at any given moment.

For more information on the availability of Berkey water filtration systems in Singapore, please click here.