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New Evidence of Harm from Fluoridation

Just when you thought the evidence against fluoridation couldn’t get any more damning, several new studies and reviews have been published so far in just the past five months that ought to condemn fluoridation to the history books once and for all.

New research links public water fluoridation to significant increases in ADHD in the US and hypothyroidism in the UK.

Water-Fluoridation Fluoride is an endocrine disruptor. New IQ study shows links between dental fluorosis and IQ damage in children. There are now over 100 animal studies and over 43 human studies proving fluoride’s neurotoxicity.

In April this year, the US Department of Health & Human Services admitted that Americans are being over-exposed to fluoride. Evidence has been uncovered showing government agencies trying to hide disproportionate harm to minority communities caused by fluoridation.

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Review Of Water Fluoridation In Singapore?

With the growing evidence of health risks related to water fluoridation, it might be time for Singapore to also review its policy on this and the mainstream media has finally caught up on this.

“It is time for the Ministry of Health to review the appropriate and safe level of fluoride in our water supply, and to reconsider if Singapore should continue with its water fluoridation,” The Straits Times reported.

Israel Bans FluorideIt also explained that, “On Aug 26 last year, Israel declared the end of mandatory fluoridation of drinking water, and joined the vast majority of countries in the world in which fluoridation is not mandatory.”

In 2010, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said that Singapore started putting fluoride into our water supply in 1954.

MOH said that fluoride has been effective in reducing dental caries. “Fluoride is most effective in preventing dental caries if a low level of fluoride is constantly present in the mouth,” it said.

Water fluoridation is also the “most cost effective preventive public health measure” for tooth decay, MOH said.

MOH also quoted the Cochrane Collaboration Oral Health Group, and said that there is no evidence of health risks with water fluoridation.

“The latest WHO guideline prescribes it at 1.5 mg per litre. In Singapore, we have over the years progressively reduced our fluoridation level to its current concentration level of 0.6mg per litre in our tap water. This is well within the WHO’s prescribed safety level,” MOH had said.

“Some 40 countries, including the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Ireland have water fluoridation schemes in place,” it also said.

Associate Professor Patrick Tseng, the Chief Dental Officer at MOH, also said in 2012, that, “In fact, fluoride is a natural element that is already present in various forms around us, such as in the air, our food and water, but in insufficient amounts to have any dental benefits.”

“Current levels of fluoride in our water system are low, safe and constantly monitored,” he also said.

However, the latest evidence is saying otherwise.

For example, a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health linked fluoride to higher rates of hypothyroidism.

This can in turn lead to depression and weight gain.

Another research by the Harvard School for Public Health (HSPH) also found that “fluoride may adversely affect cognitive development in children”.

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The above article is taken from The Real Singapore.

10 Facts About Fluoride

10-fluoride-factsWhen most people hear the word fluoride, they generally think of their teeth and their dentist. Fluoride, after all, is added to some public water systems and many dental products for the purpose of preventing cavities. Less well known is that fluoride is a highly toxic compound, a major industrial air pollutant, a key ingredient in some pesticides and fumigants, the cause of a tooth defect that currently impacts over 40% of American teenagers, and the cause of a devastating bone disease that impacts millions of people throughout the world. For too long, the toxicity of fluoride compounds has been overlooked by the public health and environmental communities. Read more…

Where to Buy A Berkey Water Filter?

WhereToBuySo you have decided that you need a Berkey Water Filter system to filter your water for drinking and cooking purposes. But where should you buy it from? Locally, or from overseas, whether online or not?

What are the issues involved? Are there any advantages and disadvantages in buying a Berkey water filter system from overseas? Read more…

Why Should We Filter Our Tap Water?

PUBThose of us living in Singapore are fortunate in that the PUB sets a very high standard for the quality of water that comes out from our taps. Whether or not one agrees with the taste of the water, most Singaporeans are comfortable with the fact that they can drink the water straight from the tap without fear of catching some waterborne disease. Even when they may not drink the water straight from the tap when they are at home, they will invariably drink it when they are eating out – as most restaurants and eating places will usually serve water straight from the tap!

However in spite of such high hygiene standards, I find it surprising that in the majority of homes, at least those that do not filter their tap water (and even some that do) they will boil the tap water before using it for drinking and cooking purposes.

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What Can You Do With a Sport Berkey Water Bottle?

Sport Berkey3With the Berkey Sports bottle, you can make your own water on the go. Many hotels restrict the number of bottles they provide, because they want you to buy from their mini bar. So you run out of water at night, what do you do? go out and buy? Well, if you had brought the Berkey Sports bottle, you can have fresh pure water anywhere anytime. Its so convenient and save money too.

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